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Latest release:

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Atomex is an ATOM 1.0 feed builder with a focus on RFC4287 compliance, security and extensibility. It is safe to use it with user content: everything is escaped by default. Built on top of xml_builder.

API reference is available here:


  • [x] Feed required params (id, title, updated)
  • [x] Feed recommended params (author, link)
  • [x] Feed optional params
    • [x] category
    • [x] contributor
    • [x] generator
    • [x] icon
    • [x] logo
    • [x] rights
    • [x] subtitle
  • [x] Entry required params (id, title, updated)
  • [x] Entry recommended params (author, content, link, summary)
  • [ ] Entry optional params
    • [x] category
    • [x] contributor
    • [x] published
    • [x] rights
    • [ ] source
  • [ ] Validator


def deps do
    {:atomex, "0.3.0"}

Basic usage

Required field are always passed in new functions. There are however recommended fields that you should not ignore. See Validating your feed below.

alias Atomex.{Feed, Entry}

def build_feed(comments) do"", DateTime.utc_now, "My incredible feed")
  |>"John Doe", email: "")
  |>"", rel: "self")
  |> Feed.entries(, &get_entry/1))
  |> Atomex.generate_document()

defp get_entry(_comment = %{id, text, inserted_at, user}) do"{id}", inserted_at, "New comment by #{}")
  |>, uri: "{}")
  |> Entry.content("<h1>Content here will be properly escaped! Text: #{text}</h1>", type: "html")

To avoid escaping, you can pass a tuple as value like this (be careful though, a user may break it with malicious content):

Entry.content(entry, {:cdata, "<h1>Amazing</h1>"}, type: "html")
# Render as => <content type="html"><![CDATA[<h1>Amazing</h1>]]></content>

Extending the default API

  • You can specify custom schemas, %{"xmlns:georss" => ""})
# <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
# <rss version="2.0" xmlns="" xmlns:georss="">
  • And custom fields
|> Feed.add_field(:custom_field, %{attribute: 42}, "Foobar")
|> Atomex.generate_document()
# ...
# <custom_field attribute="42">Foobar</custom_field>

For more complicated use cases, content can also be given a xml element directly. Use XmlBuilder to achieve that.

Validating your feed

Use this tool from W3C