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Our mission is to make our digital world safer

At Meterian, we love how technology enables people. We build tools that make it possible for developers to create a workflow that perfectly matches their goals, preferences and situation so the software they ship is free from vulnerabilities.

Software that fits the way you work in your enterprise

The beauty of software-driven solutions is that it takes away the hassle to help you get on with what matters most. Still, even with the convenience of cloud-based automated solutions that can run anywhere and anytime, you also want to be sure that it conforms to your needs instead of the other way around. Instead of adjusting your goals to the available options, you should be able to tweak every part of it to suit your particular needs. We aim to offer you exactly that: software that fits the way you work in your enterprise and lets you shape the way you will work in the future.

Highly customizable DevSecOps for software-driven sustainability and digital transformation

We're all about making the digital transformation to a more secure SDLC and software development workflow easy and affordable. If you're in charge of a SDLC process that you're looking to make more secure, more efficient, less wasteful of time and human ingenuity, and more user-friendly, then you're in the right place. Software devops processes vary as widely as the organisations they are a part of and the people they serve. We are dedicated to offering you a wide range of options, so that you can set up the DevSecOps process to fit your requirements, while keeping the system quick and easy to use.

We aim to offer products that are very flexible so you can adapt them to your way of working. We offer the features most people need, and we deliberately do not offer specialized features that few people need in order to reduce complexity and cost. But we provide plenty of ways to hook into other services or your own software if you need something special. This reduces implementation cost and allows us to achieve scale. We emphasize a lean approach to maximise the value of existing human resources and software assets— empowering people with the right tools increases their potential and impact.

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Interested in a career at a small but fast growing software company in the cybersecurity B2B SaaS space of application security testing? Email jobs@meterian.io with an introduction and CV.

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