Ship software without vulnerabilities

In the next three months ten new security problems will be found among the top opensource libraries. Use Meterian to make sure the software you are shipping is not open to known vulnerabilities.

The libraries your project is using can be flawed

Are you ready to take your chances?

The code developers write accounts for the 10% of the software shipped: the rest is composed of external libraries. There's a good chance one of such libraries, or one of its dependencies, contains a vulnerability, and those libraries are embedded in your product.

Use Meterian to introduce a transparent and automatic check to make sure your software does not expose your customers to known vulnerabilities, and if necessary use the provided tools to fix the problem easily and quickly. A client application is available for integration in your CI/CD pipeline, and badges are available for your opensource project.

Meterian scans your Java, Javascript, .NET, Scala, Ruby, PHP, Python, NodeJS and Golang projects.

For Opensource
Unbiased validation of your projects

Maintain a good reputation among users and contributors providing objective security reports.

Visible Badges

Provide visible proof that your projects are clear of known defects and are safe to use in production.

Fully Automated

Badges and reports are updated automatically: once added to your project page no further intervention is required.

Comprehensive Report

A complete assessment of every security and stability issue found, the steps to resolve it, and a full list of available upgrades.

Free For Open Source

We will provide to all the open source projects of the planet our security assessments for free, forever.


For Companies
Remove third party vulnerability risks

Increase the trust in your products by maintaining a continuous control over the security of the libraries you use.


CI/CD ready

Seamless integration into any existing continuous delivery pipeline using the client application. Scan any project without providing access to the source control system: try it now!

Technical Support

Make full use of our technical support to receive assistance in removing complex vulnerabilities. Included in Enterprise plans or available upon request.

License Risk Assessment

Enforce company software policies. Block or mitigate legal risks. in your software before release and early in your development process.

Comprehensive Report

Make it easy to audit your software supply chain. Identify component-specific issues and take action to fix, upgrade, resolve, mitigate or analyze further.


  • Unlimited open source projects
  • 1 closed source project
  • 10 analyses per day
  • HTML reports
  • No CI integration
  • No API access
  • No licence analysis
  • No team management
  • No support
  • Unlimited open source projects
  • 10 closed source projects
  • 500 analyses per day
  • Text, HTML, JSON reports
  • CI integration
  • Basic API access
  • No licences analysis
  • No team management
  • Email support
  • Unlimited open source projects
  • 100 closed source projects
  • 5000 analyses per day
  • Text, HTML, JSON, PDF reports
  • CI integration
  • Full API access
  • Licence inventory
  • No team management
  • Email support
  • Unlimited open source projects
  • Unlimited closed source projects
  • Unlimited analyses per day
  • Custom report formats
  • CI integration
  • Full API access
  • Licence risk analysis
  • Team management
  • Email & phone support
Please read the FAQ for detailed information about our plans.



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