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Embrace the Rise of Containerization with Robust Security Measures

Containerization has revolutionized software development, with a majority of developers now relying on containers to package and deploy applications efficiently. According to recent surveys, 81% of developers use containers in production, with Docker and Kubernetes leading as the most popular containerization and orchestration platforms. As container usage continues to grow, ensuring their security becomes paramount to protect applications from potential vulnerabilities and compliance issues.

Ensure Security and Compliance for Your Containerized Applications

As container technology becomes integral to modern software development, securing these environments is more crucial than ever. The Meterian Container Scanner provides a robust solution to identify and mitigate vulnerabilities within your container images. By performing automated security checks throughout the development lifecycle, it ensures that your containers are free from known security risks and fully compliant with industry regulations.

Seamless Integration into CI/CD Pipelines

The Meterian Container Scanner integrates effortlessly with any CI/CD pipeline, supporting a wide range of programming languages and repositories. This seamless integration ensures that containers are regularly scanned as part of your continuous integration and deployment processes, maintaining ongoing security hygiene and reducing the chances of deploying containers with known vulnerabilities into production.

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High-Precision Scanning and Comprehensive Reporting

Leveraging both open source and proprietary scanning technologies, the Meterian Container Scanner delivers high-precision results with minimal false positives. Its user-friendly interface, integrated with the Meterian dashboard, offers clear and actionable insights.

Detailed reports include a full Software Bill of Materials (SBOM), license information, and upgrade paths, empowering your team to address vulnerabilities efficiently and maintain a secure, compliant software supply chain. These comprehensive reports are available in multiple formats, including HTML, JSON, and PDF, ensuring accessibility and ease of use. This transparency facilitates compliance with industry standards and regulations, demonstrating your commitment to maintaining a secure development environment.

Proactive Risk Management

By scanning your containers for vulnerabilities early in the development process, the Meterian Container Scanner helps prevent security incidents before they can occur. This proactive approach not only reduces the risk of data breaches and system downtime but also lowers associated costs, such as those stemming from reputational damage and regulatory penalties. Regular scanning as part of your continuous integration and deployment processes ensures ongoing security hygiene and resilience against evolving threats.