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Ensure Security and Compliance in Modern Software Development

The Meterian SCA Codebase Scanner is an essential tool for modern software development, ensuring the security and compliance of open source components. As open source libraries become increasingly integral to software development—constituting up to 90% of modern software—the need for effective management and monitoring is critical. Meterian’s SCA scanner addresses this by providing a comprehensive analysis of your codebase, identifying security vulnerabilities, license compliance issues, and outdated dependencies.

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Seamless Integration with Ultimate Security

Our SCA solution seamlessly integrates with any CI/CD pipeline and supports a wide range of programming languages and repositories. The scanner operates by detecting all open source components in your codebase, securely uploading this data to Meterian's cloud servers for detailed analysis. At no point does the source code leave your premises, ensuring your intellectual property remains secure.

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Comprehensive Reporting for Transparency

The tool generates thorough reports, offering interactive HTML, JSON, PDF, and console formats to cater to various compliance needs. These reports include a full Software Bill of Materials (SBOM), listing all components, their associated licenses and copyright attributions, thus ensuring transparency and facilitating legal compliance.

Actionable Insights for Better Compliance

Meterian’s scanner provides actionable insights, including a clear upgrade path for vulnerable components and detailed license information to prevent legal complications. This ensures that your development team can make informed decisions and maintain compliance with open source licenses.

Proactive Protection for Your Software

With Meterian, development teams can proactively address security gaps, reduce exposure to cyber threats, and maintain a robust and compliant software supply chain. Embrace secure coding practices and bolster your organization’s resilience against cyber risks with Meterian’s comprehensive SCA solution.