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Get security insights about your project right now.

Learn how to secure it continuously.

Check if your project has security flaws and learn to secure it continuously.

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Trying to access the repository Initializing your scan Reading the project's files Live scanning in progress... Analysing the components Generating the report Scan successfully completed. Preparing the report... The URL might not be correct. The server is currently scanning this oroject. Oops... Something went wrong. Please try again. Scan failed

Each score is based on a total possible score of 100, which indicates no issues found when your website was scanned.

Security Score:

is 1 level threat of risky components used by your project which hackers could easily exploit. Get full report.

No known security vulnerabilities detected at this time. Be sure to scan daily because new vulnerabilities and cyberattack possibilities are updated everyday. Get free trial

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Stability Score:

is out of date.

There of detected components out of date: Find out which ones. Find the latest upgrades available to make your application more secure and stable. Get full report

Your current version of this library is the latest release at the moment. Be sure to scan your application daily to find out whether this library has a new release and give yourself the maximum time possible to secure your open source.

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Licensing Score:

Good news. Meterian's scanner didn't find any licence that could potentially harm your business.

At least one component does not declare a licence. Get a software bill of materials instantly to manage your software supply chain risks. Get full report.

could lead to costly legal risks because it's licensed under .
Get full report.

We found a forbidden licence that could harm your business.
Consider changing this library to avoid costly legal risks.
Get full report.

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We're sorry but our server failed to complete the scan. This is due to one of these possible cases:

  • The language used in your project is not supported by Meterian;
  • The project does not compile correctly;
  • The project in your repository is not in a standard format.

Please address the issue to your dev team or, if non of the cases listed above reflects the issue you are experiencing, our server might be out of capacity.

Contact us if you require further assistance.

Real time reports fast

Whether your developer needs to create an instant report about their software project's bill of materials or maintain ongoing compliance for security or legal due diligence, Meterian delivers both. Get reports to send to your legal counsel and information security officer (CISO) in HTML/PDF, or in JSON format for your favorite developer tool as frequently as you wish.

Real time

Easy to integrate

Meterian can be used in an instant locally on the developer's computer or as part of a continuous integration (CI) pipeline to see security, stability and licence risks immediately. Meterian fits right into the developer's workflow so the builder mindset has the company's security and legal risk policy enforcement baked in.

Reduce security debt

As the pace of software development in your company increases, Meterian prevents bugs, vulnerabilities and compliance risks from piling up. Avoid costly financial and legal damages as a result of risks in your software assets. Meterian's fast, automated solution frees your developers from repetitive and manual research work of analysing the dependent components. Run Meterian continuously to stay informed of known risks in your apps' dependent components.



Q. What happens when I hit the button?

The scanner will start to gently download the repository contents from the address you entered onto our server, in a way similar to what a search engine crawler does when indexing. Then the meterian scanner will be executed against such contents to discover, analysing and classifying the content. It will look for vulnerable or outdated components, and for any component licensed in a non-friendly way, reporting back what it did find.

Q. How long does it take?

This may take a few minutes, especially on big projects, but it's normally very quick. If you do not want to wait, do not worry: the scan will be executed in the background, and you will just need to check later.

Q. Is this an invasive process?

No. Every scan made with Meterian scanners are ready only scans. This means all the files on your public repository gets downloaded and every file is carefully read at every single analysis, so it's pretty much like somebody who patiently reads your codebase.

Q. Is this a comprehensive analysis?

Yes, this is a comprehensive analysis as we access your project codebase. There are small limitations on the programming language Meterian is compatible with: we currently only support Java, NodeJS, Vanilla Javascript, .NET, Ruby, PHP, Scala.

Q. What does the complete report contain?

The complete report will provide a complete list of all the components and for each of them any possible vulnerability, a complete upgrade path, and the full list of available licenses, when available.

Q. Will the summary of the analysis I requested appear on the carousel?

Yes. Each analysis will eventually have the opportunity to appear in the samples carousel. As the repository is public, also the reports are, and anybody can analyze any repository.

Q. Can I delete a report?

Yes. Once you got access to the complete report, submitting the request form, you will also be able to request it to be deleted.